Regions and Environment

Regions and Environment is an online magazine that deals with environmental policies, scientific relevance and best practices in the context of ecology.

It has transferred his data and contents from the old site to the new CMS DevInterface, making great improvements. The layout has been modernized, making the site user friendly. The portal is responsive, and is optimized for desktops, tablets and smartphones.

You can associate tags to articles and research them by categories, regions and tags. It's enabled the tracking of visits on every single item.

Other Works

  • Creactives


    Creactives SpA is specialized in software solutions based on the use of semantics and ontologies.

  • Acustica Vecchini

    Acustica Vecchini

    Design and creation of the new Acustica Vecchini website.

  • ToDo Marriage

    ToDo Marriage

    The wedding platform for the management of online wedding lists.

  • Ecosost


    Ecosost is proposed as a meeting point for individuals, companies, associations and institutions, with aiming to transmit key principles to promote the sustainable growth of the community.