Plinio CMS

With Plinio CMS you will be able to manage your website: we have decided to create our own CMS to provide our customers with a simple and powerful tool.

It is very easy for the content creators move around from one section to another of our CMS . The clear and simple interface maximizes the performance and the quality of the workflow.

With Plinio CMS all work management and content creation will become easier and precise.

Plinio CMS features

  • Users management
  • Pages management
  • Categories management
  • Articles management
  • Services management
  • Product management
  • Portfolio management
  • Team management
  • Testimonials management
  • Partner management
  • FAQ management
  • Galleries management
  • Resources management
  • Messages area
  • Newsletter area
  • Banner management
  • Redirects management

Other Products

  • Cloud BSC

    Cloud BSC guides the company in the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard allowing a more effective management.

  • ToDo Marriage

    Organize and manage all the aspects of your wedding very easily and stress free.

  • Gruppi Emergenti

    The portal of the emerging italian music

  • Rete Associazioni

    The portal for italian associations