• Claudio Marai

    Claudio Marai Co-Founder & Project Manager

    Co-founder of DevInterface with Stefano Mancini. He's always been a computer enthusiast, began to approach to computers since the days of middle school. During high school, in addition to languages taught in regular classes, he took extra courses to learn the languages Delphi and Cobol.

    He became a doctor in 2006 in Computer Science at the University of Verona, worked as a consultant at Abaco GSA and as a consultant in projects of online banking at Unicredit.

    He got specialized on using Ruby and Ruby on Rails and in early 2011 he founded DevInterface.

  • Stefano Mancini

    Stefano Mancini Co-Founder & Software Architect

    Co - founder of DevInterface began to approach the programming from high school. From then he began what it's still his greatest passion, became Doctor of Computer Science in 2006 at the university of Verona, after graduation he worked for three years at Glaxo as a consultant and developer of applications in Java. In the following two years he worked at Unicredit to develop a software project and at the same time worked as freelancer, developing applications in Java, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python and Django.

    In early 2011 he founded, together with Claudio Marai, DevInterface, to put into practice the knowledge, the creativity and all the development methodologies that have always fascinate him.

  • Gilberto Maccacaro

    Gilberto Maccacaro Full Stack Developer

    His passion for the technology dates back to the first 486 PC and has since continued to grow .

    After studying computer science at the University of Verona, he gained a lot of experience as a programmer at the offices of Cartiere Fedrigoni.

    From 2014 he works as Full Stack Developer at DevInterface and has specialized in the creation of web applications after completing numerous projects.

  • Fabio Padovani

    Fabio Padovani Web Developer

    After he got his degree in Computer Science at the university of Verona, he started working as Web Developer at DevInterface.

    Always excited about everything concerning the technology sector, he keeps helding up to date on all the latest innovations in software programming.

  • Matteo Melotti

    Matteo Melotti Web Developer

    Web Developer

  • Oleg Dykyi

    Oleg Dykyi Web developer

    Web developer joined DevInterface team in 2018. He has work experience both as a back-end developer and front-end developer.

  • Alessandro Sarti

    Alessandro Sarti Social Media Manager

    After the high school, he got his graduation in Communication at the University of Verona and then a master in Social and Public Communication and Marketing at the University of Bologna.

    Always interested in social media, copywriting and graphic, he had several collaborations and experiences within local associations.

    In 2016, he attended an internship at the communications and web office at the Municipality of Cesena. After that, he became part of the DevInterface team.

  • Antonio Fiori

    Antonio Fiori Sales Manager

    Sales manager qualified for different areas. Because of his experience and curiosity, he always looks for new challenges, which he face with determination and organizational skills. His passions are IT and business technology.

  • Marco Urban

    Marco Urban Web Marketing Assistant

    Marco Urban is the web marketing assistant at DevInterface.

    He graduated in 2011 as a computer expert and in 2015 in Languages and Culture for International Trade at the University of Verona.

    Always passionate about marketing and communications, and intrigued by the world of the Web, he started this exciting adventure with DevInterface.